Reset Prism stuck/incomplete task

1. SSH to Cluster of CVM IP
2. Enter the following to list running/failed tasks

ecli task.list include_completed=false

3. Enter the following to cancel required task

ergon_update_task --task_uuid='ENTER_TASK_UUID_HERE' --task_status=succeeded

4. Enter “Y” – Remember you do so at you own risk

5. Enter the following to confirm task have been completed/failed

ecli task.list include_completed=false

Rename AHV Hosts

1. Log on to the AHV host with SSH
2. sudo nano /etc/sysconfig/network
3. Edit the following line

Tip: use FQDN as per DNS entries to fix the NCC “FQDN lookup error”
4. Restart the Acropolis host

Change CVM name in AHV

You may need to modify the names of the CVMs displayed in Prism to match the block/serial/hostname or however you reference the node

The CVM name should always start with NTNX- and end with -CVM

1. SSH into the CVM and shut it down

cvm_shutdown -h now

2. Enter the following from the AHV host

virsh list --all
virsh domrename NTNX-Old_Name_Here-CVM NTNX-New_Name_Here-CVM

3. Start the CVM

virsh start NEW_NAME

4. Configure autostart in KVM so the CVM boots up with the host

virsh autostart NTNX-New_name_here-CVM

Change Nutanix CVM Memory – AHV

Log onto the AHV hosting the CVM and issue the following command

[root@NTNX-1 ~]# virsh list –all
Id Name State
8 NTNX-1-CVM running

Wait until the CVM is shutdown

[root@NTNX-1 ~]# virsh shutdown NTNX-1-CVM
[root@NTNX-1 ~]# virsh setmem NTNX-1-CVM 20G –config
[root@NTNX-1 ~]# virsh setmaxmem NTNX-1-CVM 20G –config
[root@NTNX-1 ~]# virsh start NTNX-1-CVM
Domain NTNX-1-CVM started

Proceed to other hosts & CVM’s

Create Nutanix Phoenix boot ISO

Step 1. Grab Hyper ISO

To generate an ISO image from a particular version of AHV, do the following:

  1. Log into the latest Foundation VM
  2. Download the latest AHV bundle
  3. Kill the Foundation service running on the Foundation VM.
    $ sudo pkill -9 foundation
  4. Create an AHV ISO file
    $ cd /home/nutanix/foundation/bin
    $ ./generate_iso kvm ahv_tar_archive

    Replace ahv_tar_archive with the full path to the AHV tar archive, host_bundle_el6.nutanix.version#.tar.gz. The command generates an AHV ISO file named kvm.version#.iso in the current directory

Step2, Create the Pheonix Boot ISO

To generate a Phoenix ISO image, do the following:

  1. Log into the latest Foundation VM
  2. Download the latest AOS bundle
  3. Kill the Foundation service running on the Foundation VM.
    $ sudo pkill -9 foundation
  4. Navigate to the /home/nutanix/foundation/nos directory and unpack the compressed AOS tar archive.
    $ gunzip nutanix_installer_package-version#.tar.gz
  5. Generate the Phoenix ISO file.
    $ cd /home/nutanix/foundation/bin
    $ ./generate_iso phoenix --aos-package AOS_PACKAGE --kvm KVM --skip-space-check

    Replace AOS_PACKAGE with the full path to the AOS tar archive, nutanix_installer_package-version#.tar.

    Replace KVM with the full path to the AHV ISO image or bundle.

    Replace ESX with the full path to the ESXi ISO image.

    Replace HYPERV with the full path to the Hyper-V ISO image.

  6. Check in /home/nutanix/foundation/tmp/ for the Phoenix ISO

Shutting down an AHV node in a Cluster

Before you begin

Shut down guest VMs that are running on the node, or move them to other nodes in the cluster.

Caution: You can only shut down one node for each cluster. If the cluster would have more than one node shut down, shut down the entire cluster.

  1. If the Controller VM is running, shut down the Controller VM.
    1. Log on to the Controller VM with SSH.
    2. Put the node into maintenance mode.
      nutanix@cvm$ acli host.enter_maintenance_mode host_ID [wait="{ true | false }" ]

      Replace host_ID with the host ID of the host.

      Specify wait=true to wait for the host evacuation attempt to finish.

    3. Shut down the Controller VM.
      nutanix@cvm$ cvm_shutdown -P now
  2. Log on to the Acropolis host with SSH.
  3. Shut down the host.
    root@ahv# shutdown -h now