Lost / Forgotten CVM Password

Don’t worry, if you have forgotten, changed or lost the CVM password and are not able to access the CLI you can recover/reset your CVM “nutanix” password but you still need the prism user & password credentials

Simply put, by setting up passwordless ssh and generating ssh keys from your workstation and adding your public key to the cluster via the prism you can regain access to the CVM via SSH

Once complete, you can login to the CVM from the same workstation and will not be prompted to enter the password but will log you in directly

Follow this article on how accomplis: KB-1895 

Good luck & Don’t forget to change your password again to somthing you can remember!


Change CVM name in AHV

You may need to modify the names of the CVMs displayed in Prism to match the block/serial/hostname or however you reference the node

The CVM name should always start with NTNX- and end with -CVM

1. SSH into the CVM and shut it down

cvm_shutdown -h now

2. Enter the following from the AHV host

virsh list --all
virsh domrename NTNX-Old_Name_Here-CVM NTNX-New_Name_Here-CVM

3. Start the CVM

virsh start NEW_NAME

4. Configure autostart in KVM so the CVM boots up with the host

virsh autostart NTNX-New_name_here-CVM

Change Nutanix CVM Memory – AHV

Log onto the AHV hosting the CVM and issue the following command

[root@NTNX-1 ~]# virsh list –all
Id Name State
8 NTNX-1-CVM running

Wait until the CVM is shutdown

[root@NTNX-1 ~]# virsh shutdown NTNX-1-CVM
[root@NTNX-1 ~]# virsh setmem NTNX-1-CVM 20G –config
[root@NTNX-1 ~]# virsh setmaxmem NTNX-1-CVM 20G –config
[root@NTNX-1 ~]# virsh start NTNX-1-CVM
Domain NTNX-1-CVM started

Proceed to other hosts & CVM’s