My Home Lab

I decided to move away from my trusty XenServer homelab to Proxmox and will be documenting the various steps taken including some hints & tips I have picked up along the way. Check them out here

But first, heres a little about my home lab setup

Current Build

Hosts / Nodes


  • Intenet
    • Static IP Broandband – It can be helpfully
    • Double Hop Firewalls: ISP + pFsense firewall
  • Switches
  • Mesh WiFI System


  • Proxmox Virtual Environment 6.4

Other Hardware

  • 16 U Server Rack on wheels
  • 2 x UPS
  • 2 x PDU
  • 4 port KVM Switch

Whats next?

I have recently come across a project (pimox) that is a port of Proxmox to support Raspberry Pi4 so plan to build a single Promox node and if it works to tray a 3 node Proxmox cluster configured with Ceph with each node having the following spec

  • 1 x Raspberry Pi 4 8GB
    • 32GB Micro SD
    • 256 USB3.0 SSD

“Why” I hear you ask
First, Because I can
Second, For the fun of it and to tinker – Its in my nature
Third, I would like to run my Home Assistant and various home automation “services” in a cluster rather than on a single Raspberry Pi4

Again I hear you say “why not use a docker swarm”
Well, thats easy to answer. Its been done, well comumented so not fun to learn and do 🙂

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