Raspberry Pi Home Automation Controller with Alexa integration

2017-05-09 12.16.41

After a lot of research, fiddling, re-imaging, tweaking, man-hours and money (not telling the wifey about that ;)) I have finally got my Raspberry Pi to control the host of different devices from the multiverse which we call “Home Automation” and all fronted by Domoticz with Amazon Alexa integration by HA-Bridge

I have followed many different guides to get where I am today so my  hopes are that this article will save at-least one person many hours of frustration to replace the multitude of “HA Hubs” required in the current market and rather focus on the job of which device does what I need it do to and looks good whilst doing it

First tip – Always image your SD card before making changes so you can rollback if it goes wrong or the SD card bugs out on you

In parting, Remember this is a personal home setup cobbled together from different HA kits and devices on the market that I currently have or will buy in the future



  • Raspberry Pi2
  • Razberry2
  • RFXCOM RFXtrx433E


HA Devices:

  • LightwaveRF – Dimmer Switches,  Wall Sockets
  • Wemo Insight Socket
  • In progress – SONOS, Sony Bravia TV
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