Configuring AOAG on SQL for XenMobile

The purpose of this Blog is to provide detailed information on setting up Always on Availability Group on SQL Servers and use this AOAG enabled Database for XenMobile 10 environment. This includes step by step instructions for AOAG configuration. For this activity, you would need the following: At least 2 Instance of SQL 2012 Enterprise VMs in the same Domain Active Directory Environment Windows Failover Cluster CIFS Share on any windows Machine or a File Server. Service Account (Domain User account) which is also used as a SQL Administrator in this lab setup ( with RW access to the CIFS share) Term Definition AOAG Always on Availability Group WSFC Windows Server Failover Cluster   Disclaimer The Hostnames, Usernames and IP Addresses used in the screenshots are for the illustration purposes only. Please use the appropriate Hostnames, Usernames and IP Addresses from your environment.   Pre-Requisites Machine Details AD Windows Server 2012 Virtual

Source: Configuring AOAG on SQL for XenMobile | Citrix Blogs

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