Configure the Service Virtual Machine on NetScaler SDX

This article contains information about how to configure the Service Virtual Machine (VM) on a NetScaler SDX appliance.


If you do not have any servers in the same Layer 2 domain as the NetScaler SDX appliance, you cannot connect to the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the appliance using the NetScaler IP address to configure the Service VM.


  • Administrator access to a NetScaler SDX appliance
  • Serial console access to the appliance


To configure the Service VM on a NetScaler SDX appliance, complete the following steps:

  1. Start a NetScaler SDX appliance.
  2. Log on to the appliance using the serial console with the nsroot account as shown in the following screen shot.
    User-added image
  3. Run the following command to switch to the shell prompt of the appliance.
    ssh nsroot@
  4. Drop to shell
  5. Run the following command to open the svm.conf file.
    vi /flash/mpsconfig/svm.conf
  6. Update the following line with the new IP address and netmask.
    >> ifconfig 0/1 <ip_address> netmask <netmask>
  7. Add the following line at the end of the file.
    >> route add default <default_gateway>
  8. Save and quit the editor.
  9. Run the following command from the command line interface of the appliance.
    /etc/rc.d/svmd stop
  10. Run the following command.
    /etc/rc.d/svmd start
    Note: A new IP address is assigned to the Service VM and starts the Service VM.
  11. Run the following command to view the contents of the svm.conf file.root@ns#  more /flash/mpsconfig/svm.conf
    ifconfig 0/2 down
    ifconfig 0/2 delete
    arp -d -aroute flush
    ifconfig 0/1 netmask
    route add default
    ifconfig 0/3 netmask

    Note: is the IP address of the new Service VM and is the default gateway.

  12. Open the GUI on
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