Add Multiple CD/DVD Drives to XenServer VM

To add more than one CD/DVD drive to a VM, complete the following procedure:

  1. Run the following command to find the UUID of the VM for which you need to add a new virtual CD-ROM drive.
    xe vm-list name-label=<name of the virtual machine>  
  2. Check the availability of user device numbers for your VM.
    Note: VMs running on XenServer support upto seven virtual disk devices. The device number ranges from 0 to 7. Run the following command and check the “userdevice” values:
    xe vm-disk-list uuid=<uuid of VM>

  1. User-added image
  2. Note the highest value. If highest value for “userdevice” is 2, then use 3 for next step.
  3. Run the following command and find a free VBD number:
    xe vm-param-list uuid=<VM UUID> | grep allowed-VBD-devices
  4. Run the following command to add a new CD-ROM drive:
    xe vm-cd-add uuid=<VM UUID> device=<unused/free user device number from point 3>
  5. Open XenCenter and check if the new CD drive is available.User-added imageNote: Remember that the general limit of virtual devices still exists. For virtual disks, including virtual CD-ROM, it is seven virtual devices.
  6. Insert ISO into DVD drive of VM.
  7. To remove the device if necessary, run the following command:
    xe vm-cd-remove uuid=… cd-name=<ISO Name mounted in device to remove>
    For example, xe vm-cd-remove uuid=… cd-name=xs-tools.iso.
    Note: You might be prompted to insert the cd-name parameter. cd-name is the exact name of an ISO in one of the ISO repositories.

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