XenServer 6.x to Auto-Start Virtual Machines

In XenServer versions 6.x, the direct GUI ability to auto-start a Virtual Machine on the startup of XenServer was removed as the auto-start functionality interfered with High Availability (HA) and produced unexpected results during HA functions

Setting the XenServer to allow Auto-Start

  1. Gather the UUIDs of the pools you wish to auto-start.
  2. To get the list of the pools on your XenServer, run “xe pool-list
  3. Copy the UUID of the pool. If you have just one server, it will still have a pool UUID as noted in the following
  4. Then type the following command to set the pool or server to allow auto-start:
    xe pool-param-set uuid=UUID other-config:auto_poweron=true
    : Replacing UUID with the UUID of the XenServer or pool.

Setting the Virtual Machines to Auto-Start

  1. Gather the UUIDs of the Virtual Machine you want to auto-start by running xe vm-list.
    Note: This generates a list of Virtual Machines in your pool or server and their associated UUIDs.
  2. Copy the UUID of the Virtual Machines you want to auto-start, and run the following command for each Virtual Machine to auto-start:
    xe vm-param-set uuid=UUID other-config:auto_poweron=true
    : Replace UUID with the UUID of the Virtual Machine to auto-start.
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