Setting PVS vDisk Boot Menu Default Option

You may have noticed in the latest version of PVS that when you have a PVS device type set to “Test” or “Maintenance” you will be prompted for the version to boot.

Below describes how to enable the first menu option as the default boot choice without prompting when vDisk boot menu appears if you have multiple vDisk

Complete the following steps to enable the menu option:

1. Set the boot option as the first option in the start menu.

  • On all Provisioning Services servers till 6.x, open the Registry Editor and browse to HKLMSoftwareCitrixProvisioningServices
  • On Provisioning Services servers 7.x, open the Registry Editor and browse to HKLMSoftwareCitrixProvisioningServicesStreamProcess

2. Right-click Provisioning Services > click New >  DWORD Value “SkipBootMenu”

3. Double-click the new DWORD and type Value data of 1 (a value of 0 will enable normal boot menu behavior).

4. Close the Registry Editor

5. Restart the Citrix Provisioning Services Stream Service on the Provisioning Services server(s)


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